Happy New Year

Thursday, January 07

Happy New Year

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the entire team of the organization committee for the ENT World Congress Paris 2017, we send you our warmest wishes for this upcoming year. Success and fulfillment in your projects, health and prosperity for you and your family.
For our part, we will keep working hard throughout this year, in preparation for what will be an ungorgettable event.
We look forward to hear your contributions and suggestions. Nothing is possible without you !
We would like to share with you our enthusiasm and we will be at your disposal all year long.

Together, we are looking ahead …

Happy new year, Happy 2016 !

Bernard FRAYSSE, President of IFOS Paris 2017
Frédéric CHABOLLE, General Secretary of IFOS Paris 2017
Dominique CHEVALIER, General Secretary of the French ENT Society
Jean-Marc JUVANON, Vice General Secretary of IFOS Paris 2017
Emmanuel BABIN, Scientific program Chair of IFOS Paris 2017